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Yuko Nagayama

Yuko Nagayama

1963 Born in Tokyo

1985 Graduated from the oil painting department of Tokyo University of the Arts Received the Ataka Prize and the Ohashi Prize

1987 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts (Hiroshi Kanosue Classroom)


Musashino Art University Department of Oil Painting Lecturer 2008-10, 14-16, 18
Visiting Professor, Saga Art University 2017-Present

solo exhibition

1986 Manwa Gallery (Tokyo)

1987 Taimei Gallery (Tokyo)

1990 Galerie Vevert (Switzerland)

1991 Taimei Gallery (Tokyo)
Galerie West (Switzerland)

1992 Gallery Saoh Tomos (Tokyo)
    Gallery Kaze (Osaka)

1993 Gallery Saoh Tomos (Tokyo)

1995 Gallery Wind (Osaka)
Seisei Gallery (Nagoya)
Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair (Nagoya)

1996 Gallery Ginza Alley (Tokyo)

1997 Gallery Saoh Tomos (Tokyo)

1998 Gallery Wind (Osaka)
Gallery Seiun (Tokyo)

2001 Gallery Saoh Tomos (Tokyo)

2002 Interview at Gallery Kaze (Osaka)
Gallery CASO (Osaka)
Kumsan Gallery (Korea)

2007 Yuko Nagayama Drawing and Watercolor Exhibition Tokyo Central Museum

2009 Yuko Nagayama Drawing and Watercolor Exhibition Tokyo Central Museum

2011 Yuko Nagayama Drawing and Watercolor Exhibition Tokyo Central Museum

2013 Yuko Nagayama Drawing and Watercolor Exhibition Tokyo Central Museum

2015 Yuko Nagayama Drawing and Watercolor Exhibition Central Museum Ginza

2017 Yuko Nagayama Watercolor Exhibition “Eating Water” Central Museum Ginza

2018 Ming Gallery (China)

group exhibition

1985 "Communication and Expression" Exhibition, Galerie Humanité (Nagoya)

1991 “Collaboration of colors, sounds and words through theater and music” Ams Seibu (Tokyo)

1993 His Association Taimei Gallery (Tokyo)

1994 His Association Taimei Gallery (Tokyo)

1995 His Association Taimei Gallery (Tokyo)

1996 Plant Collection Exhibition, Kodama Gallery (Tokyo)
His Association Taimei Gallery (Tokyo)

1997 His Association Taimei Gallery (Tokyo)

1998 Self Saw Gallery (Osaka)
Gallery Tomos (Tokyo)

His Association Taimei Gallery (Tokyo)

1999 His Association Taimei Gallery (Tokyo)

2000 His Association Taimei Gallery (Tokyo)

2001 Natural History (Double exhibition, Tomoko Esashi) Gallery Tonichi (Tokyo)
10 Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition Busan Museum of Art (Korea)
His Association Taimei Gallery (Tokyo)

2002 KIAF Busan Contemporary Art Fair Special Exhibition Kumsan Gallery (Seoul Korea)
Exhibition Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Japan-China Diplomatic Relations Gallery Tonichi (Tokyo)
    His Kai Taimei Gallery (Tokyo)

Gallery ARK (Yokohama)

2003 "Paper, Language, and Language" Exhibition Series VOL4 -Aoya Washi Studio 1st Anniversary Special Exhibition-
    His Kai Taimei Gallery (Tokyo)
Seoul International Women's Art Fair (Seoul, Hangaram Art Museum)

2006 “Toki Wind Exhibition” Shibuya Seibu (Tokyo)

Attended as an invited artist (overseas)


2015- International watercolor society Exhibition (Mexico, Hong Kong, Vietnam)

2015 Biennale Internationa le d' aquarelle (France)

2016 Aquarellades 2016 Mons (Belgium)
Kazuo Kasai Yuko Nagayama Duo exhibition Ming Gallery (China)

2017 Heavenly Blue Everlasting Blue——Qingdao International (Spring) International Exhibition (China)
Taoyuan International Watercolor Exhibition (Taiwan)
Shang Hai Johhan Invitation Exhibition of International Watercolor Art (China)

2019 Fabriano in Watercolor (Italy)