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For overseas purchaser (other than Japan)

High Quality Japanese Art Supplies 

All the art supplies in our store is available for international shipping.

Japanese acrylic paint, Oil paint, Paint brushes, Copic marker, and more...

Everything here is high quality and durable.

16% Discount at all times (for most of the art supplies)

Japanese Art Works 

You can also purchase beautiful Japanese Artworks here. 

All the artworks are shipped ready to be hanged.

(Watercolour paintings and printings are all nicely framed, some of the oil paintings are also framed, and some of them are not framed but ready to hang immediately.

Affordable Art frames from Japan 

Art frames from Japan are strong, well designed, and reasonable priced.

21% Discount at all times (for most of the art frames)

 Art work renting is only available for Japan

Unfortunately, Art renting subscription service is only available for domestic delivery.

However, you can always purchase most of the artworks here.

Use the "One time purchase" Product page. (Not subscription product page)