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Turner U-35 24 color set 20ml

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"U-35" is particular about the accuracy of color development, and 66 out of 81 colors are single pigments. Achieves color mixing with extremely low turbidity. At the same time, we pursue lightfastness to preserve the work for a long period of time. After carefully selecting pigments that achieve both color development and lightfastness, the colors are meticulously applied by craftsmen to improve color development. In addition, it features a high pigment concentration that is designed with the pigment as the main role by thoroughly eliminating unnecessary raw materials. We carefully examined the balance between pigments and resins while resolving post-drying problems and fixation problems, which are the risks of high concentrations. "U-35" has pure color development and a high level of lightfastness that can meet the needs of professional artists as well as next-generation artists.

[set content]
・Hansa Yellow Light
・Hansa Yellow Opaque
・Diary Ride Yellow
・Light orange
・Pyrrole Orange
・Naphthol Red Light
・Quinacridone Magenta
・ Alizarin Crimson (Hugh)
・Light magenta
・Medium magenta
・Ultramarine Violet
・Dioxazine purple
·Aqua blue
・Cobalt blue (hue)
・Phthalo blue (green shade)
·Light green
・Permanent green light
・Phthalo green (blue shade)
・Unbleached titanium
・Yellow ocher
・Burnt Sienna
・Low umber
・Jet Black
・Titanium white