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Ssangyong ~Ocean~

Original price ¥22,000 - Original price ¥22,000
Original price
¥22,000 - ¥22,000
Current price ¥22,000

WriterMomoko Sato

Purchase price ¥ 22,000 (tax included)

Works only for sale

Size: Frame size 28.8cm x 37.8cm (work size 20.8cm x 29.8cm)

Material: Japanese paper

Materials: watercolor paint, framed with sequin embroidery

Art that enriches the heart

Title: Twin Dragons ~Sea~

Two pairs of twin dragons representing yin and yang. It keeps the balance of the mind moderately and supports it so that it does not lean too much in the shade.
The scales are embroidered with sequins to create a beautiful, glittering dragon.

◆About the drawing of the dragon The dragon on the left is drawn with the left hand, and the dragon on the right is drawn with the right hand.
Each of these twin dragons represents yin and yang, and when paired they represent moderation and integration.

◆Size Frame size: 28.8cm x 37.8cm
(Work size 20.8cm x 29.8cm)
The mat is silver and will be sent in a white aluminum frame.

◆Point ・One-of-a-kind original drawing ・Signed by hand on the back ・Will be sent with a frame and string